Importance of Feeding Your Soul!

 Good morning readers. I hope this morning's blog finds you well and blessed. I have been fervently praying for you all, even though we never have met face to face. We all are on the same mission, through our struggles may look much different from one another. Let's be united with the calling that our husbands have taken as the undershepherds of the flocks they pastor. We have something in common: we are wives of pastors, and I know this is not always an easy road to travel down. That's the whole purpose of this blog to encourage each of you right where you are, whether times are going good or you feel like you can't continue on in this calling. Jesus tells us in the scriptures to fight the good fight and not grow weary in this mission.

   I prayed on what I would write about and I felt the Holy Spirit speak to my heart and show me where I need to focus on more too, so I'm sure that many of you struggle with finding the time/making the time for  personal bible study and deep intentional prayer. 

   Every day in many different ways we are pouring ourselves out. While at times forgetting that our own spiritual nourishcmnet is lacking. We may be leading a bble study, we may be the family ministeries director and run the children's programs or run the ladies ministry or we might take a more backseat approach which is fine too, and just be the helpmate to our husbands that We are called to be when you are the wife of a pastor.  

   Why do we let our own spiritual walks suffer at the expense of others. It's like how people say we can't love others if we don't love ourselves. More so, we need to daily, and my sister, here's my heartfelt words we need  Jesus daily! We need him hourly! We need Him minute by minute!

 we have to make time, and that time has to be a priority; otherwise, our spiritual and mental health will suffer in many areas. being a pasotrs wife comes with many responsibilities, and we help carry the load of many others who come to us with their struggles, pouring out their hurts to us. How can we give back if we are running on empty?

     We know this, but the question I ask you is, what are you doing about it. Think about this for a moment if our husbands are called by God to pastor a church, and our main job over anything else we do, our most important job is to support and encourage and be a sounding board, a safe place for our husbands to land.To pray for them fervently , over them daily. if that's our main job and the job of a pastor is important because  God is using them as a instumnet to fullfull his purpose, then our job is just as vitally important with that being said we need to be on our knees daily in supplication and asking for strength and wisdom and, not just reading a quick morning devotion but really digging deep into Gods word and letting those scriptures drench our very spirits so they can be refreshed and renewed. Each day we are given a gift that gift is the precious gift of life, and without Christ, we can do nothing. Without Christ at the helm, we won't be equipped to do what He has called each of us to do.

   The Lord wants us to be at his feet,  He wants us to listen for that still small voice that he speaks to our hearts. We all are busy, some are mothers, some work ouriside the home and many other roles. But our highest calling comes from the Lord to grow in our understanding of  Him and become more like him in each area of our lives! I promise you you wont regret finding the time for Him. Let His Spirit speak to you and reveal what His plans are, and they are so much better than ours. We desire to grow as women of God, as wives and most of all as Precious Daughters of the King. If we want to do better and we always are learning we never stop! Then feed your spirit with God's word, and then and only then can you pour into others with the same passion and love!


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