Life is a fragile Gift so cherish every moment!

 Good evening readers. I hope this day finds you doing well and know that even though we never met . I pray for all who are reading this blog that you will know in your hearts that You are not alone.   Jesus is guiding our steps!   I'm praying for you and the  struggles may be facing, and you can feel my prayers.

    Ministry life is full of ups and downs,,, those moments when we wonder can we continue on and other moments we are on the mountaintops and feel so energized by the Holy Spirit. I know there are days I totally feel overwhelmed as we carry such a heavy load for our congregation and trying to continually support our husbands, all the while trying to manage our homes and our children and not losing ourselves and giving us time to just breathe.

Lately, at our church, we feel the worries of those in our church family, some without work, some dealing with chronic health issues, and others dealing with more serious health issues. We feel it every ounce of the struggle, every worry they have, every prayer request.

We had a church member have a terrifying medical emergency this week,,  it made us all realize the fragility of life and how precious and fragile it can be. By God's grace, that church member is doing ok now and recovering, but it was a scary ordeal,,, and we know there were angels all around all those involved and kept us safe. Being a pastor's wife is no easy task,,,and at one time or another, we all will face these tough times either in our own families or those in our church family, times that really that test our faith, test our perseverance.Those times we just want to sit down and cry, not for us but so many times for those members we love so!

We can't carry the load ourselves, Let Jesus carry the load and carry them and us!His shoulders are big. thought its a old poem its still one of my all time favorites footorints and the line that jumps out at me every time  is "When i only saw one set of footprints it was then I realized you were carrying me"

Matthew 11:28 come with me all who are weary and  heavy laiden and I will give you rest for my yoke is easy and my burden is light! so ill leave you with this thought!

No matter what your church family is facing, run into the arms of  Jesus when  those struggles wear you down and know that they now you are praying for them and love them and that the best place they are is in the arms of Jesus!

Love you all!


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